Starting Again and Again

I can’t believe it has been so long since I have logged in here!  I love the blog’s look and I am still seeking a place to just share what is on my mind and in my heart, but I have allowed work and play to keep me from this space.  And that is what I am craving now: space.

There is so much busy-ness in the world today that I am eager for my quiet time in my Creative …


New Beginnings

Everybody is sending their kid off to school today and seeing their photos on Facebook takes me back to my own school days.

I so loved the day of school clothes shopping in Chicago with my friend, Robin.  Her mom and mine would sit in the front seat talking and she and I would be in the back talking about boys and the Beetles and all the important stuff that life offered then.

Now, though I knew early in life …


Facing the Fear

I’ve had fun watching my boyfriend feed a stray cat and her kittens these past few weeks.  They are learning that there is a pattern forming: Karl opens the back door, whistles and sets a bowl of food on the deck.  They hear the whistle and come running, only to stop mid-step as they realize they aren’t really sure what a human is and what danger could lurk beyond that white door.

You can see the longing on their faces: …


“I Hold the Space for You”

What a gift it is to do that for someone and to have them do it for you.  What exactly does it mean to ‘hold the space’ for someone?

I think of it as a friend who has your back.  They’re holding the high watch over your goals and dreams when maybe you’re feeling like you don’t have the strength to.  They join you in knowing the highest and best for you, listening for your clues as to what that …


Just Be…

Thanks for checking out my blog! I decided to do this as more of an online journal. In the craziness that is life today, I just need a visual place to be ‘me’. I know you know what that means; you’re just as busy taking care of the kids, working a billion hours, fitting in exercise because you ‘should’, giving your time to causes you care about and working to be a good and loving partner to your significant other, …